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Individual coaching / learning programs

Are you ready for a transformation and some gentle guidance? Are you tired of the same sad story you keep telling yourself? Change can happen and by having a coach to support you will make progress. My approach to coaching is very safe and strategic.
One to One coaching is offered in 3-month agreements. We’ll connect 2x a month and will focus on 1 specific goal each month.

Equine Facilitated Learning and Transformation

Does it feel like you’ve tried every type of self-help out there? Books? Therapy? Coaching?
Working with horses reveals blocks and fears much faster than a conversation about your past. The energy the horses feel will guide our coaching time together as they will (or won’t) respond to you when we visit them. The impact you’ll receive varies based on several factors and it’s best for people who are willing to be vulnerable and open to healing their wounds.
There is a minimum of 6 sessions required for this program and if you’re interested there is a deposit of $500 to get started and then we’ll schedule our first outing.

Group Programs

Currently, we’re developing programs based on needs and requests. If you have a special topic you’d like addressed please let me know.
Expect to learn more about a new program starting Summer 2017.



There are currently no retreats scheduled but starting 2018 we’ll have something on the calendar for Spring and Summer. It will be warm, wonderful, and full of exceptional experiences. We’re considering places like Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and other places in Washington state.